SMART Transportation Division Local 1405

President: Barry Klein      Legis. Rep. & Sec/Tres: Jason Hayden                                            Local-Chairpersons: Kale Warnhoff(trainmen) & Barry Klein(enginemen)

Flowback & Guarantee Extraboard Proposal - 12/19/2014

We have been given a new Flowback proposal and a new Conductor/switchman extraboard Guarantee proposal.

The Flowback Proposal is generally exactly the same as the Pilot Project that has occurred on the Illinois Division over the past year except that a few of the issues that have occurred are corrected by this proposed agreement (Section G and Side Letter #3).  It is important to note that the proposed agreement covers all of this Committee's territory including the Illinois Division and is a one year pilot project agreement should it be ratified.  This proposed agreement would apply to the entire territory and would need a majority of the votes returned to be ratified.

The proposed Guaranteed Extraboard Agreement is similar to the past agreement that was in place on portions of this territory.  The amount is significantly higher ($2147.45), however step rates do apply and it is still an 6 on 2 off rolling cycle.  This proposed agreement is not a yearly agreement and would remain in effect until modified should it be ratified.   This proposed agreement would apply to the entire territory and would need a majority of the votes returned to be ratified.





Sept. meeting date change - 9/4/2013

Meeting Date Change!!

Sorry for the short notice!

The September SMART/UTU Local 1405 meeting scheduled for next Tuesday has been changed to Monday the 9th due to the number of folks attending and being able to use the room in the basement of Boogies.

As some of you have heard, possible furloughs will be discussed. There will also be info and explanation about the “new” coal work, how it is going to work and who needs a pilot and who doesn’t.

We will have info from the Railroad Retirement Board regarding who is eligible and how to claim your unemployment benefits.

We all understand that these are touchy subjects right now but we want to give you as much proper information as we can. So be sure to be there so that you can get the info you desire.

Union Meeting - 7/7/2013

Our SMART/UTU Local meeting is Tuesday July 9th @ 6:30pm at Boogies in Maryville.

We will have our State Director Kenny Menges, Mark Hogan from DLC Jerry Schlichter's office, also Local FRA Inspectors will be in attendance to answer any questions or concerns.  All new-hires are also welcome to attend and hear what the FRA expects when we are performing Brake Tests and such. CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

UTU Insurance Assoc. response to the BLEt insurance offer - 6/12/2013

The UTUIA Field Supervisors have put together a few concerns about the Short/Long term disability and Life insurance group plans being offered to BLEt members by the Cornerstone Assurance Group.

Furlough Information - 1/18/2013

Here is a letter just sent out from GC Boswell containing information that he recieved recieved from the company concerning furloughs. According to the list he recieved, it will not effect anyone here in STL. If that changes or any more info becomes available, I will get it out as soon as possible.  Furlough Information Letter 




Meetings are held on the Second  Monday of each month @6:30pm---Sheet Metal Workers Local 268 Hall located at 2701 N. 89th St. Caseyville, IL 62232












It takes all of us to continue to keep St. Louis Terminal the safest on Norfolk Southern. Keep following the rule book and taking your time.



































Supreme Ct. rules against business: 

An article that was posted on Nov. 8, 2005 by states:

Supreme Court ruled Tuesday (Nov. 8, 2005) that businesses must pay workers for time spent donning and doffing work clothes necessary to do their jobs.

Specifically, the court ruled that IBP Inc., a Washington state slaughterhouse, must pay its hourly workers for the time it takes them to suit up into appropriate safety attire and also the time it takes them to change back into street clothes.

Further, they must pay workers for the time it takes them to walk to and from their designated work stations.

"We hold that any activity that is integral and indispensable to a principal activity" must be compensated by an employer.

The ruling upholds a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.