SMART Transportation Division Local 1405

President: Barry Klein      Legis. Rep. & Sec/Tres: Jason Hayden                                            Local-Chairpersons: Kale Warnhoff(trainmen) & Barry Klein(enginemen)

Safety Committee for St. Louis Terminal - 11/17/2010

Any safety issues, concerns, or problems that you have can be brought to any of us at any time. If something isn't right, bring it up so that it can be addressed. As always "Safety Issues" need to be brought up to a supervisor as soon as it is found, but please let one of us know also so that we can follow up to be sure it has been handled.

Local 1405 Dues - 8/25/2009

Dues for membership as Conductors are $94.04 & $128.54 w/disability

Dues for membership as Engineers are $89.29 & $123.79 w/disability

Both Conductor & Engineer dues amount listed do not include any other Health Insurance or PAC monies you have. The disability insurance fees are an additional $34.50 per month.

You can print out a membership application and return it to any of your UTU officers by clicking on: APPLICATION

Any PAC contributions or Insurance fees that you have will be added to the above amounts as applicable.


Most of you are paying an additional $34.50 along with your union dues that pays for the Disability Insurance. To cancel the Group Disibility Ins. you must fill out the opt-out waiver (cancel) form found on the UTU website under the link above.


New Members of the UTU are provided Guaranteed Enrollment if they enroll by NOT electing to waive coverage within 30 days of becoming an active member.



How do I get my questions answered? - 12/4/2008

Please go to the contact page for contact information. Feel free to e-mail or call any of us with your queastions.